Monday, 17 June 2013


Now where do I start, I want to say so much about this wonderful lady and her unique books. Marian is there at the top of my SUNDAY BEST list along with Joanne Harris.


I first came across her back in the nineties when a friend gave me a copy of one of her books 'RACHEL'S HOLIDAY'. To be honest when I first saw the book and it mentioned a girl going into a drug rehabilitation centre it didn't really appeal to me at all,  I thought it would be a bit depressing, just not my type of book. I really didn't want to read it, but I did and that was the start of my love for Marian's books.

After 'RACHEL'S HOLIDAY' I went on to read her two previous books 'WATERMELON ' and the fabulous 'LUCY SULLIVAN IS GETTING MARRIED' but a bit like remembering  your first love, or that first kiss 'RACHEL'S HOLIDAY' is still the one I always remember as the one that made the biggest impression on me. Not forgetting of course all of  her other books over the years.


I want to talk about the lady herself, i'm not really sure in which year I first saw Marian on the TV, but I do know it was on 'STRICTLY COME DANCING IT TAKES TWO' with Claudia Winkleman. The thing is she was then and still is obsessed with SCD, not just the show but the dancers as well, a few years ago I remember she wanted to be Lilia Kopylova. Calling Marian SCD biggest fan is an understatement.

Marian has not been on the TV as much recently and she very rarely gives interviews, but last year when I joined Twitter she was one of the first people I just had to follow. Anyone who follows her will know what a fun time is had when she is having one of her famous 'RAFFLES' or telling us it's 'BIN NIGHT' and her trips down to the shops in 'DUN LAOGHAIRE'. Not forgetting the snippets of news on 'HIMSELF' (Marian's other half) and the rest of the family especially 'THE REDZERS' (her nephews). Also who cannot get excited when she post's photos of her travels with the famous 'LANGER BAR' (a chocolate bar). Talking of photos she does love to take them of shoes, makeup and clothes that she shares in her tweets, sorry nearly forgot also her nails; Marian does have the most glamourous nails of any author. 

Then when SCD started last year there was just one subject on Marian's lips, 'PASHA KOVALEV' for anyone who doesn't know (I am aware unbelievably that not everyone watches SCD) he is a dancer on the show. Well that is when Marian and her gang of twitters really came into their own. Pasha become the word on everyone's lips and tweets, what great fun we all had leading up to Christmas. 

'THE MYSTERY OF MERCY CLOSE' is Marian's latest book and I saved it to read on holiday as I wanted to give it my full attention, I wasn't disappointed. I feel there is something really special about this book, not just the intriguing story that keeps you hooked but the way the book makes you look at things in your own life, good and bad. Also in my head I now have a 'SHOVEL LIST' if you haven't read the book yet  that might not mean a lot to you, so I suggest you go read it and find out.


So that's me telling you a little bit about the lady, she is Ireland's queen of writing, twitter and glamour. I really don't think anyone who might be reading this blog would have never read a Marian Keyes book but if you haven't I suggest that you go and get a copy of 'THE MYSTERY OF MERCY CLOSE'  i'm confident that it will start you on a journey with a lovely author.

Finally if you are feeling a little down or a bit lonely and fed up, may I suggest that you should definitely follow her on twitter, because an hour or so of her antics will certainly brighten up your day, it will also probably make you want to go and paint your nails a fab colour.


  1. ooh I LOVE the new blog!!! Makes me feel like throwing myself into a swimming pool!!

    1. Swimming pool that could be another adventure for you and Mr H, 'THE HEDGES AT THE LIDO' Thank you for commenting x

  2. I too have read all of Marian's books, and it was because I wanted to enter her glitterin' raffle that I joined Twitter! I had subscribed to her newsletter and she went on and on about how wonderful Twitter was, so I gave it a try - and here I am, thanks to Marian! Loved all of her books, so we agree on this one Ian : ))

  3. Yes we do agree a lovely writer and a very nice funny lady, her antics on twitter got me through a lot of afternoons in the last few months. Thank you for commenting x

  4. I've read all of her books and loved them but not liked her last few too much I think she's changing her style of writing,but I'll give her latest one a try. What's her twitter name Ian ,I can't find her.I saw her on The bbc2 Apprentice show and she was really funny.