Monday, 24 June 2013


In my first blog about my SUNDAY BEST books  (29/3/2013) I told you about 'THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY' which became my first. Today I would like to tell you about the author who has become the latest one to join my list . EMYLIA HALL is her name and the book which won me over is  THE BOOK OF SUMMERS.


I bought this book on the recommendation of several newspapers, but a few months passed and it kept going to the bottom of the pile, as other books arrived they seemed to go on top. A holiday was planned last October I got my books together and decided to add this one to the batch.

EMYLIA HALL was not an author I had ever come across before; this was because THE BOOK OF SUMMERS was her first. What I would like to do is write you the author's synopsis of the book as it captures the very essence of the story and is as beautifully written as the book itself, then I will tell you my feelings on it.


When news of a death in the family reaches her from abroad, Beth Lowe realises that she can no longer avoid her past. She is sent a photograph album, a poignant record of the seven summers she spent in rural Hungary. I was a time when she trod the tightrope between separated parents and two distinct countries, a bewitching but imperfect mother and a gentle, reticent father, the dazzling house of a hungarian artist and an empty-feeling cottage in deepest Devon.

Years later, Beth's Hungarian summers continue to haunt and entice her. THE BOOK OF SUMMERS is about the lies we tell, the truths we keep and above all, the ways we find to keep on loving one another.

This book has become one of my favorite books of all time; the writing is just so clear and beautiful. I felt I was there in Hungary with Marika and Zoltan, sitting and eating at their table. I could literally smell and taste the food that was there on the page, I so wanted to be able to walk around Zoltan's studio and look and touch his paintings, to walk through the fields and find the pond to swim in. To be able to sit in the garden with Marika and talk about life and loves would be a wonderful experiance.

Beth's journey through the photo album, each of the seven summers are so special to Beth so very different from her life in Devon. I really cannot praise this book highly enough, one things for sure once you have finished reading THE BOOK OF SUMMERS, it will stay with you for a long time, but be warned please remember you will definitely need tissues when reading it.

EMYLIA HALL has a new book out in September 2013 its called A HEART BENT OUT OF SHAPE.


  1. I haven't read this book Ian, but I'm going to have to read it now. It sounds amazing. Usual problem though, too many books, not enough time!! : ))

    1. Amanda you must read it I have been talking about it for months and given it to friends as a present. I don't know why it effected me so much, go on to Amazon and read the reviews also Emylia has a lovely website and she is on twitter. Thank you for commenting x

  2. Sounds lovely, Ian, will check it out. You should write to her and ask her to do you an interview when her next book is out.

    1. You must check it out Carol i'm sure you would enjoy it, take a look at her website. Thank you for commenting x

  3. Hi Ian, Emylia is one of my favourites too - I really enjoyed the Book of Summers and am very much looking forward to reading A Heart Bent out of Shape, it's definitely on my wish list.
    Elle :-)

  4. Like I have said to Amanda this book left such a big impression on me, Emylia writting is so beautiful you really feel you are sat in the house and garden. Thank you for commenting x