Wednesday, 25 September 2013


It's been a few weeks since I have blogged mainly because we have been very busy, I will try to explain. Since my dad passed away in April big decisions have had to be made for our future, basically what are we going to do. First and foremost I need to get a job because I have not worked for the last eighteen month. (previous blogs will explain why)

The decision we have come to and are very excited about is we are leaving The Midlands and moving to the coast, a village in Norfolk ten minutes walk from the beach.

It has always been a long term dream to live near the sea, we have found a lovely little bungalow and fingers cross I will find a nice little job. I have discovered that apparently seventy five per cent of the village population are retirement age, so as I'm and always will be thirty nine that will make me one of the youngest ones there. Friends and family have laughed when we tell them that, but as we are really both in our mid fifty's (did I really say that) and have moved six times in the last sixtean years we want this to be the last move.

So what am I looking forward to, the obvious answer is walking on the beach even in winter to wrap up warm take a flask of hot coffee and watch the crashing waves. Also I'm looking forward to getting stuck into some writing, my book PUTTING RIGHT THE PAST has been out for nearly six months now and I think it might be time to finish off the next one.

But the thing that I'm looking forward to the most is welcoming family and friends to stay, to be able to spend time with those closest to you in a lovely part of the country. One of my favorite things in life after reading is feeding people, to cook a nice meal and sit laughing and chatting for hours, there is nothing better. Hopefully the cooking will be a little different and I will be packing up a picnic a few bottles of wine and off to the beach we go, weather permitting of course.

So thats about it for now next time hopefully fingers and toes crossed I will be blogging from Norfolk, new home, new job, new life and possibly a new book.